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Roshan Elias the owner of Sugar and Spice Cupcakes

Sugar and Spice Cupcakes is a small family-owned cupcake bakery located in Racine, Wisconsin.


Owner Roshan Elias is a self-taught baker and the heart and soul of Sugar and Spice Cupcakes. Roshan has been baking since she was 9 years old, making all her baked goods from scratch. After working in the banking industry for 10 years, she decided to switch careers. 

Roshan grew her business by selling her cupcakes at various farmer's markets and events in Southeast Wisconsin. Her cupcakes quickly became a popular sensation amongst her customers. The demand for her cupcakes grew every year, from weddings, corporate events, baby showers, to birthday parties. Sugar and Spice cupcakes quickly became a part of many events around the area. 

In January 2020, Roshan opened a storefront, unfortunately decided to close the storefront in October of 2023, due to a host of issues with the location. After giving it much thought Roshan decided to keep the business open due to the high demand of her delicious cupcakes and is now running the business out of her home. 

Sugar and Spice Cupcakes continues to thrive and to be a part of many celebrations in Racine and surrounding areas.

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