Signature Cakes

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Like our cupcakes, all our cakes are made from scratch

Not available in store, must be pre-ordered

6" Round
6-8 Servings
3 Layers

8" Round
8-12 Servings
3 Layers

10" Round
14-16 Servings
3 Layers

Chocolate Bourbon Caramel

Chocolate Bourbon cake, caramel buttercream,

chocolate drip, caramel drizzle, toffee bits sprinkled on top, buttercream swirls.

Only available in 8" or 10" sizes

Signature Cakes
Sugar and Spice Cupcakes

Very Vanilla

Moist Vanilla Bean cake,

vanilla bean buttercream, rustic swirl on top,

rainbow sprinkles

Chocolate Lover

Moist Belgian Chocolate cake,

chocolate ganache filling,

chocolate buttercream, chocolate drip,

chocolate buttercream swirls, chocolate sprinkles

Sugar and Spice Cupcakes
Sugar and Spice Cupcakes

Chocolate Cherry

Moist Belgian Chocolate cake,

cherry fruit filling, chocolate cherry buttercream,

chocolate drip, topped with maraschino cherries, sprinkles


Lemon Cake, lemon fruit filling, lemon buttercream, white chocolate drip, swirls, lemon fruit drizzle, sprinkles

Sugar and Spice Cupcakes
Sugar and Spice Cupcakes

Almond Raspberry

Almond Sponge Cake, raspberry fruit filling, almond buttercream, rosettes topped with sugar pearls, and sugar pearls around the cake